Thursday, January 20, 2011

Most Curious Birth Stories - 3

The woman who gave birth to a baby nearly her own size

Stacey Herald, a 28 1/2-inch (72 cm) woman, gave birth to an 18-inch (46 cm) daughter who wasn't much smaller than her mother! Pregnancy swelled Herald's belly to comically large proportions, the woman said.“If I laid down, I looked like a snail,” she said, laughing. “That's how big my belly was. I looked like an Idaho potato with arms and legs.


தமிழில் தட்டச்சு செய்ய இங்கே சொடுக்கவும் தட்டச்சு செய்த பின் அதை Copy செய்து இங்கே Pastசெய்யவும்

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